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As an emerging designer or a small business in the apparel industry, it can be difficult to know where to turn when you are looking to produce your first collection. As a smaller entity, budgets will be tighter, and often order quantities will be lower than mass-produced clothing. This can present some challenges and finding a suitable gym clothes manufacturer that can accommodate small runs is essential for securing good quality garments for your brand.

If you are new to the world of clothing production, then sourcing suppliers may seem like a daunting task. To make the process easier, Roadsunshine has developed a unique platform that brings clothing manufacturers and designer together to connect and build strong business relationships. This innovative resource is also perfect for beginners, as you don’t need any experience or connections to take your ideas to clothing manufacturers. It’s easy to join, and this creates a stepping-stone to the world of garment creation.

Once you’ve taken the first steps, deciding on the right clothing factory for your requirements will help get the production process started.Let's check out some of the things to consider when searching for a clothing manufacturer for your small business.


Chat with apparel industry experts

The perfect way to start your journey in apparel production is to connect with industry experts for helpful tips and tricks in getting the most from your business. By communicating with us, you can get a mature manufacturer and experienced individuals that offer support and advice on everything from design, production management and costings. This valuable resource will help you build the foundations of your brand and make the process less overwhelming and more manageable from start to finish.

Determine minimum order quantities (MOQ)

Naturally, as a designer or small business, you will be looking to produce small runs for your apparel brand. Researching clothing manufacturers that offer lower minimum order quantities will help you achieve a smaller production level to manage costs more efficiently. Our minimum order quantity is usually 100 pieces per design.

Another aspect of small run production to consider is how apparel producers prioritize clients, as you may find that low order numbers put you at the back of the queue due to the way their production process works. This could also affect sampling and lead times so be sure to check when enquiring.

In some cases, you may require lower order quantities, and this is often the case for fashion designers.

Discuss production capabilities or restrictions

For apparel brands that require smaller runs, some clothing manufacturers are only able to produce limited styles or designs at lower quantities. If this is the case, it could restrict the type of products in your collection and potentially see you compromise on the type of garments that are produced.

If you have an idea in mind and don’t want to settle for a limited run, then be sure to look at us. Roadsunshine is able to help you realize your brand’s potential.

Work to a realistic budget

For smaller runs, you also have to consider the margin of error is a bigger issue than mass-produced clothing. For example, to a apparel brand creating thousands of products, there will be an expected room for error in production, which won’t majorly affect its overall costings. However for smaller runs, if a few items have faults, this will eat into your profits and overall finished product. Creating a budget that factors in these scenarios will help to manage expectation, plus ensuring you supply correct information such as a Tech Pack for production will reduce miscommunication.

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