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Sony Electronics Launched a New Model of ES Receiver to Meet Various Custom Installation Requirements

Sony electronics launches es receiver specially designed for the next generation of home entertainmentThe new model meets various custom installation requirementsDallas, October. May 15, 2015 / / PRNewswire / - (CEDIA booth 3701) - Sony Electronics announced the launch of str-za5000es, a new ES receiver specially designed to be the core component of the "next generation" home entertainment system.

Sony Electronics Launched a New Model of ES Receiver to Meet Various Custom Installation Requirements 1

The new high-power (130W x 9-channel) flagship model supports the latest 4K UHD applications, making it the most demanding and ideal solution for custom installation. The new model also includes various convenient functions, which can meet the needs of almost every system integrator."Za5000es aims to provide solutions for almost any system integration requirements," said Yamato "tank" TANIKAWA, home entertainment & amp; Sound, Sony electronics. "In addition, its advanced audio and video performance makes it a perfect complement to the new UHD Blu ray format and other emerging 4K UHD platforms."Immersive audio support

Za5000es is the first es receiver compatible with Dolby atmos and DTS: X* Using two additional amplifiers, these formats can support up to 11.1 channels of sound, suitable for the latest object-oriented audio sources, which are now available on more and more platforms. The receiver also supports a long list of traditional surround sound formats, including Dolby truehd and DTS-HD master audio.Za5000es adopts powerful DSP technology and uses high-speed clock to achieve unprecedented operation efficiency. High performance 32-bit floating-point processors are also used to optimize signal processing and shorter signal paths to reduce the impedance and interference of digital noise. All these processors are installed on the power line of the receiver together with advanced electrolytic capacitors to ensure sufficient clean power supply and optimal performance.To complement this, the za5000es includes Sony's latest d.c.a.c. ex technology with a new feature called speaker relocation. By carefully simulating the sound field generated by the best positioned and angled speakers, this can compensate for the less ideal listening environment.

Superb sound reproductionIn addition, za5000es can also provide high-resolution audio through HDMI. The newly developed preamplifier circuit can also improve sound quality, reproduce high-resolution music, and have more accurate response and more details. All preamplifier functions are performed by the new IC, which can provide faster response time, higher signal-to-noise ratio and lower thermal interference. There are also some improvements, such as independent power wiring with low loss gold bonding wires.In order to further improve the sound quality, za5000es adopts linear broadband power amplifier and efficient aluminum radiator, high-capacity transformer with local power supply, low phase noise precision crystal oscillator and acoustically tuned audio level resistor.

Za5000es also adopts es build quality, which is highly praised by Sony. It adopts the full box structure of "frame and beam" to increase the rigidity. When used in combination with the offset foot of the receiver, this helps to eliminate vibration in the air.Advanced video qualityZa5000es includes six HDMI inputs and two outputs. It can provide full compliance with HDCP 2.2 standard and support the latest 4K 60p (4:4:4:) Ultra HD content. It can also distribute 4K video and multi-channel audio to two different areas at the same time. Unlike traditional receivers, za5000es can even be compatible with the new bt.2020 wide color gamut standard for future applications.

Sony Electronics Launched a New Model of ES Receiver to Meet Various Custom Installation Requirements 2

In addition, za5000es can upgrade video to 4K 24P, which is one of the first receivers to support high dynamic range (HDR) signal sources. It also includes a special test mode to verify 4K connection.Unprecedented flexibilityThe za5000es has a built-in graphical user interface (GUI) to visually confirm system settings; the cursor keys on the front panel of the receiver provide complete operability - even if there is no remote control provided. For convenience, the special Ceiling Speaker mode can also "virtually" reposition the front and center speakers around the screen.

In addition, an 8-port Ethernet hub and two Poe ports are included on the rear panel of the receiver. A full set of digital and analog inputs and redesigned gold-plated speaker terminals are also available to support the latest fever grade cables.Za5000es provides access to the system integration protocol through the special Ping button on the front. The panel. Ihiji users can also use the web browser control and cloud based remote monitoring function. All these settings can be saved to the flash drive and can be reloaded at any time using the USB interface behind the removable front cover of the receiver.Str-za5000es offers a 5-year limited parts and labor warranty and includes a multifunctional remote control that supports a variety of discrete operating codes.


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